Abdullah Ben Omar Mosque

Abdullah Ben Omar Mosque

The Abdollah Ben Omar mosque in the province of Dālāhu and in the city of Rijāb (Kermānshāh region) was a pre-Islamic structure and was built at the beginning of Islam. The building of this historic rectangular mosque was built with pebbles and mortar.

Inside the Shabestan there are eight columns in two rows parallel to each other that in terms of the shape are of two types: four columns with four sides high up to the ceiling and one size and another four that are one after the other and each consists of three parts; the first that starts from the floor of the mosque up to 30 cm and has four corners, after this up to a height of 2,20 meters have a cylindrical shape and in the third part the trunk of the column is again visible in the form of four corners; above these two rows of columns have placed thick polished beams and then the vertical piers of the mosque are placed above those two.

Il mihrab, unlike the other mosques, it does not protrude from the outer wall, but has been added to the wall of the mosque by means of a stucco work. The minbar five steps is behind the mihrab and is made of stone and stucco.

The minaret for a long time after the creation of the building, was built in the south-west part of the roof which is also its entrance. It has 21 triangular steps and above it is also placed a circular dome.

The entrance to the minaret had an arch and its exterior facade at the top was decorated with wood and stucco. This ancient mosque, situated in a very peaceful and pleasant environment, enjoys great prestige among the inhabitants of the area.

A large part of it with the passage of time and due to natural phenomena has been destroyed, therefore it has become unusable and has been rebuilt.

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