Khosh Yelagh

The Khosh Yelagh nature reserve is located in the city of Shahroud (Golestan region) and because it is located between two ecosystems, desert and forest, it is of fundamental importance. This protected area covers an area of ​​150 thousand hectares, is located between the desert and the forests of the north of the country and is divided into two parts, mountainous and flat; therefore it has a remarkable variety of flora and fauna.

Here live about 29 species of mammals, 24 of reptiles, 93 species of birds and 5 of amphibians and a typical vegetation of the plain and the forest together with various types of flowers make up the flora of the area.

The protected area of ​​Khosh Yelagh enjoys an ideal climate, very beautiful natural landscapes, breathtaking panoramas and a great variety of animals and plants; it is in fact one of the areas of the country that attracts a greater number of naturalists and researchers.

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