City Dasht-e Halqe

City Dasht-e Halqe

The city of Dasht-e Halqe or Dasht-e Ghal'e is located near Minudasht (Golestān region) and dates back to the time of the Parthians and the Sassanids. This historical-cultural site was rebuilt in the Sasanian and Islamic period.

The city had been built in the form of an irregular octagon and was surrounded by two imposing interior and exterior walls. In the distance between the two walls a ditch had been dug along 53 meters that in some parts reached the 60 and in a part of it still flows the water.

The perimeter of this ancient city is 7 km and its area is equal to 338 hectares. In the southeastern part there is a high hill on which a fortress or a government citadel was probably built.

The walls built with bricks and plaster mortar, the floor covered with broken and scattered bricks and the recovered terracottas, indicate different periods of dwelling in the ancient city of Dasht-e Halqe. These terracottas belong to 4 periods: 1-Terracotte of gray color to the first millennium a. C. (3 thousand years ago), 2-Red terracottas at the time of the 3 Parts- Red and simple terracottas at the Sassanid period 4-Enamelled terracottas of various colors in the seventh and eighth centuries of the Lunar-contemporary Hegira age of the Ilkhanidi.

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