Mausoleum of Shams Tabrizi

Mausoleum of Shams Tabrizi in Khoy

The mausoleum of Shams Tabrizi is the sepulcher of the famous great Persian mystic who is in the city of Khoy (western Azerbaijan region). In the complex built in his memory, his mausoleum stands out with a simple tombstone together with his statue. At a distance of 10 meters from the sepulcher, there is a large cylindrical minaret in empty brick, about 14-15 meters high, covered with mouflon horns which is known as the tower of Shams Tabrizi.

In the folk tales and travel diaries of the Venetians, this minaret is attributed to the Shāh Ismail The Safavids who on a hunting day ordered that the heads of the mouflon be used and that a minaret was built with these and with the bricks.

The documents and images of the remaining miniatures of the mausoleum show that this building originally consisted of three minarets around the headstone of Shams Tabrizi. Mohammad Ben Ali Ben Malekdād Tabrizi, known as Shams Al-Din or Shams Tabrizi (born in 582 and died in 645 of the lunar Hijra) is one of the most famous Muslim Sufis in the country.

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