Gravan mineral spring

Gravan mineral spring at Sardasht

The mineral spring of Gravan is located near the town of Rabat and northeast of Sardasht (western Azerbaijan region). This suggestive spring water, which has the appearance of a limestone formation, is situated in a verdant and beautiful plain and from it springs mineral and carbonated water.

It is an ancient limestone source (some millions of years) and the incessant flow of water has given rise to an unusual and unique limestone formation that is about 20 meters high and has changed appearance with the passage of time.

In the upper part you can clearly hear the sound of boiling water. The spring water, after flowing to the surface, releases limestone which increases day by day and gradually forms suggestive cylindrical piles.

The spring water is cold and due to its unsuitable salinity; locals believe it is useful in treating certain skin diseases.

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