Chapel of Dzordzor

Chapel of Dzordzor - The chapel of the Holy Mother of God

The chapel of Dzordzor or church of Santa Maria is located near the village of Bārun in the province of Māku (western Azerbāijān region). It is estimated that it was built between the 1315 and 1342 years and that it was run as a school of theological, cultural and literary training.

The architecture of this historic building built at the mouth of a gorge is cruciform and, like the other Armenian churches of that time, it is made up of polished stones of different sizes and mortar. The façade of the chapel is very simple and the decorations with false columns are present only around the windows and skylights.

The church has a metal door with Armenian lettering and the image of the cross. Inside the building you can see four times with ogival arches and in the four sides there are four small dormer windows; the building is surmounted by a drum dome and skylights have been installed at its base.

This chapel, although it has a simple appearance, nevertheless has interesting decorations such as the image of the cross on the stones and the false columns around the windows and skylights.

The church, which is part of the UNESCO world heritage, in the year 1367 due to the Bārun dam basin, making use of exactly the same materials, has been moved 600 meters to a higher point than the original place.

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