Khoy Municipal Palace

Khoy Municipal Palace

The town hall of Khoy is located in the center of the city of the same name (eastern Azerbaijan region) and its construction dates back to the 1312 year of the solar Hijra, at the end of the qajaro period and the beginning of the Pahlavi kingdom.

This building in the past was the citadel or government building, a place of residence for the rulers and important personalities of the city of Khoy. This beautiful building has two floors and the lower floor is a large basement.

The elegant stucco workmanship has given the building greater magnificence. The design of the columns adopted in the building is a reference to the ancient periods of Byzantine and Greek art.

A part of the roof is gabled or with a sloping flat roof and another part is covered by two domes. In the highest part of the entrance there is a beautiful bouquet of flowers which in the center is surrounded by two ivies. In the lower part of the bouquet of flowers a clock comes to the eye whose outlines are embellished with brick decorations.

At the center of the entrance portal there is a bas-relief with a lion's head and two leaves with beautiful symmetrical images on the two sides of the animal's snout.

To embellish other parts of the building, decorations were used such as arabesques and the image of the sun and the branch of the intertwined vine leaf. The combination of brick and white stucco, together with the use of black, adds further refinement to the building.

The windows are wooden, the upper part shows a semicircle design and is embellished with the image of the floral medallion. Visitors are guided inside the building by some spiral staircases.

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