Ferdowsi's National Day. The Somo Persian poet

May 15th each year is Ferdowsi's day.

Hakim Abol-Ghasem Ferdowsi Tusi was born in Tābarān-e Tus around the year 935. Ferdowsi is the greatest Persian-speaking poet, the orator, the sage of Tus, the Iranian epic poet par excellence and author of Shahnameh (Book of Kings). It is made up of almost sixty thousand couplets and is Ferdowsi's most famous composition and one of the greatest works of ancient Persian literature.

On the occasion of the national day of Ferdowsi, the Cultural Institute of Iran in collaboration with Diruz organizes

An afternoon with Ferdowsi


Dr. Mohammad Taghi Amini

Director of the Cultural Institute of Iran in Rome

Dr. Giacomo Longhi.

Translator and PhD student in Persian language and literature.

Dr. Michele Marelli

Translator and Interpreter

Moderated by:

Dr. Antonello Sacchetti

Sunday May 15 2022

At 19.00

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Ferdowsi (935-1020)


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