The first online Persian language course

Registration for the 1nd online Persian language course is open

At this moment it is obviously impossible to carry out the classroom courses however we cannot stop.

The Cultural Institute of Iran in Rome, as part of its cultural and educational activities, promotes the first online course of Persian language. The course aims to introduce one of the main Central and Western Asian languages ​​whose great importance is linked to its extraordinary historical-cultural tradition and its status as an official language, in its different varieties, in strategically important countries on the scenario international like Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Tajikistan.
The course is held by the mother tongue teacher and takes place online and is divided into 10 hours of lessons per week for each level for a total of 30 hours divided into three levels.

Registration is open and the course starts on Saturday 09 May 2020.
The deadline for registration is set for 08 May 2020.

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