The Return of the Mahdi
The Return of the Mahdi
Original title: مختصر الاثبات الرجعه
Author: Al-Fadl ibn Shadhan An-Nishapūri
Original language:
Translator: Giuseppe Aiello
Publisher: Irfan Edizioni
Year of publication: 2015
Number of pages: 48
ISBN: 8897278345

According to Islamic tradition, the Parousia of Imam al-Mahdi, the occult Imam, will put an end to the dark era of the present humanity and will inaugurate a universal Government by restoring the primordial Tradition. This work is a collection of 23 traditions (ahadīth) compiled around the 258 / 871 and represents one of the oldest sources on the subject.
Al-Fadl ibn Shadhan An-Nishapūri (180 / 796-260 / 873) was a Muslim scholar and theologian of the Shiite school. He lived in Nishapūr (in Khorasan, a region that currently extends between Iran and Afghanistan) and was among the companions of the Tenth and Eleventh Imams of duodecimani Shiite Muslims. His mausoleum is located on the site of the old city of Nishapūr, a short distance from the current city.
When we raise our Qa'im (lit. "he who rises", that is Imam al-Mahdi), he will put his hand on the heads of the servants of God, gathering their intellects and perfecting them. Then the Lord will strengthen their sight and their hearing, so that there is no longer any obstacle between them and the Qa'im. That way, when he wants to talk to them, they can hear him and see him

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