The 23rd Edition of the MEDFILM FESTIVAL 2020

Medfilm Festival, The first in Italy dedicated to Mediterranean cinema

from 09 to 20 November 2020 exclusively on

MedFilm Festival was born in 1995 on the occasion of the Centenary of Cinema. The only Italian event specializing in the dissemination of Mediterranean and European cinema, the festival operates for the promotion of intercultural dialogue and commercial cooperation between Europe and the countries of the southern shore of the Mediterranean and the Middle East, through quality cinema and audiovisuals, windows open to the world to recognize and appreciate diversity as a value and culture as a driving force for the economy.

The objectives of the MedFilm Festival are the protection of human rights and intercultural dialogue; education and training of young people in the socio-cultural field; the fight against racism and xenophobia; the promotion and dissemination of European and Mediterranean culture.

In the 23rd edition of the Med Film Festival there are two Iranian films.



In the Official Competition section:

An Inattentive Crime (Jenayat-e bi deghat) by Shahram Mokri

Iran, 2020 | 139 'vo Italian sub

Forty years ago, during the uprising to overthrow the Shah's regime in Iran, demonstrators set fire to cinemas in protest against Western culture. One of the most tragic episodes was the fire of a cinema with four hundred spectators inside, the
most of which were burned alive. In modern-day Iran, four ordinary people in turn decide to set fire to a cinema. Their goal is a room in which a film is shown about an unearthed and unexploded missile.

On the program:
From Saturday 14 November h 17:30 -



In the International Short Film Competition section

Inhale (Dam) by Nasser Zamiri

Ebrahim's chronic insomnia is causing a lot of tension between him and his wife, Marziyeh. Bloodletting, sessions with the psychologist and Diazepam are useless: Ebrahim's problem has a much deeper root.

From Thursday 12 November h 17:30 -






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