Sabzi polo goes mahi

Sabzi polo goes mahi

Rice with herbs and fish

This very popular and popular dish, which meets the tastes of adults and children, is traditionally prepared on the thirteenth day of each new year (which in Iran starts on 21 in March) when the custom wants to leave home and spend a day at home. open, enjoying nature and spring air, perhaps even eating a bag, near a stream. The fish that accompanies this green rice can be chosen among the many white meat varieties of our seas, whole or in fillets; it can be simply fried in boiling oil as it is (gutted and washed, of course) or cut into slices, passed first in beaten egg, salt and turmeric, breaded and fried, or even baked or grilled.

Ingredients for people 4

• 450-500 g of basmati rice
• 500 g of fresh mixed aromatic herbs (in equal measure coriander in leaves, parsley, dill, chives, tarragon, the green part of the leek; if you use a mixture of dried herbs, 5 spoons are sufficient, to which you can add anyway plenty of fresh parsley or the fresh herbs you have available)
• 100 g of oil
• 1 teaspoon of powdered and dissolved saffron pistils in 4 spoons of hot water.


Boil the rice for a few minutes in salted water and drain. Wash, drain and chop the herbs; then let them dry and then brown with oil in a non-stick pan. If you use only dried herbs, first let them soak in warm water for 20 ′, then drain and squeeze them before using them as fresh. At this point, place the rice and herbs alternately in a pot with high sides until exhausted. When steam starts to form, add a little oil, cover and continue cooking the rice, adding boiling salted water and more oil from time to time and only if necessary. At the end of cooking color a few handfuls of rice cooked with saffron dissolved in very little water and garnish the remaining rice once it has been sautéed on a serving dish.

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Sabzi polo goes mahi