Rice katè

Rice katè

Ingredients for people 4

• 3 cups of rice
• 4 stubs of cold water
• Salt
• 1 / 3 of oil cup
• Butter


Choose a non-stick pan or an aluminum pot. After washing the rice put it in the pot and add cold water until it reaches the surface of the rice by a finger phalanx; generally this is equivalent to as many cups of water as those of rice + 1. Add salt and oil (better that of olive or corn, with a less strong taste compared to extra virgin olive oil). Wait until the rice boils over a moderate flame and cook until almost all the water has absorbed. Then mix a few times, add the oil, lower the heat to a minimum, cover well the pot with a lid wrapped in a cloth (better if you use a retina or a flame spreader). Let the rice end in this way cooking, swelling slowly with its own steam. If the proportions between rice and water are correct and the cooking has been carried out in a sufficiently slow way, the rice cook will absorb all the water remaining at the same time very dry and grainy. In this type of cooking the good quality of the rice and the use of the right amount of water are very important: better not to exceed the first times, remembering that if the rice is too dry it is always possible to add small quantities of hot water during cooking .

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