Khoresh and fesenjan

Khoresh and fesenjan

Chicken stew with walnuts and pomegranate

In ancient times this dish was prepared with duck, which can be an excellent alternative to chicken.

Ingredients for people 4

• 450 g of boneless chicken or breast
• 250 g of very finely chopped walnuts
• 2 onions to fry
• 120 mi of pomegranate paste
• 2 spoons of granulated sugar (the quantity is directly proportional to the degree of acidity of the pomegranate juice you will use)
• Salt
• Pepper
• 1 / 2cinnamon teaspoon (optional)


Fry the finely chopped onions in a few tablespoons of oil; when they are translucent, add the chopped chicken and, stirring, cook until it is very clear; continue cooking adding a little water (just enough to cover it slightly) and the necessary salt. Remove it from the heat and in the meantime grind the walnuts very finely in the mixer and place them in a non-stick pan without oil. Stirring constantly let them toast until they change color, continue this operation until you notice that they begin to ooze their oil. Only then add 2 glasses of cold water and continue stirring to boil.
When the nut oil is clearly visible in the water, add the cooked chicken meat you had on hand. Add the pomegranate paste and the sugar (in quantity to taste according to your personal taste, as the sugar contrasts and mitigates the sour taste of the pomegranate). Cook the dish very slowly and slowly for about 1 now; when it has acquired a thick consistency, but not too dry, it will be ready to serve. If it is necessary to add a little water, make sure that it is strictly cold: this causes the nuts to release their oil more easily.

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Khoresh and fesenjan