Iranian appetizers

Starters The proverbial Iranian hospitality also translates into the great variety of appetizers that generally open the real meal and anticipate the main courses. Close relatives of Turkish mezze, Greek mezedes and Spanish tapas, in traditional houses they are well arranged on small plates either on the main table or on a side table where they will remain for the duration of the meal and from which guests can freely serve without a predetermined order. An assortment in smaller doses can constitute a rich aperitif or can be offered as a buffet, on the occasion of cold standing dinners; individually they can constitute a first course. They are served with fresh Arabian bread and with a bunch of fresh and well-washed aromatic herbs, the so-called sabzi khordan; it is the most typical and traditional Iranian appetizer, or lavash-like bread (in our supermarkets it is found in a variant called pane Kebab or Kabab), fresh feta-type Greek cheese (according to personal taste it can be very well substituted by goat cheese fresh, Philadelphia or similar) and as mentioned a set of aromatic herbs and fresh vegetables according to the offer of the season (it is impossible to find fresh some of the aromatic herbs commonly consumed in Iran, but a valid alternative can consist of a mixture of crunchy radishes, fresh spring onions, parsley and / or fresh coriander leaves, also known as cilantro, mint or mint, basil, rocket). The sabzi khordan can remain on the table for the duration of the meal and the guests will also use it at will during the following courses. To this base can be added pickles, fresh salads starting from the simplest combination of lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers to various compositions, based on yogurt, legumes or vegetables cooked and served cold. Stuffed vegetables, vine leaf rolls and various types of omelettes find their rightful place here, served cold as appetizers or hot as a first course or unique dishes. Even the soups can precede the main courses or constitute - the richest and most substantial even a single dish. Iranians hardly serve vegetables cooked as an accompaniment to their dishes; in fact the main recipes already contain vegetables cooked together with meat or rice. Should you wish to offer a wider variety of appetizers, it will be advisable to halve the doses given here and, arranging the appetizers on the table, alternating shapes and colors so as to obtain a pleasant chromatic and visual effect, which will positively affect the your guests, be they Italian or Iranian. Choose file Choose file
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