The pulke gardâni ritual

The traditional pulke gardâni religious rite takes place in the areas of theEastern Azerbaijân. Pulke is the name of a type of fireball made of cloth that is tied with a wire and after pouring fuel, they set it on fire. In this rite, which symbolizes the burning of the tents of Imam Hossein (A) on the night of Âshurâ, on the nights of Tâsu'â and Âshurâ dozens of fireballs are turned in the darkness of the night. In this rite, a large torch is lit in the middle of the square and in front of the main mosque of these areas, so that people gather around it. The participants in the mourning ceremony one by one go under this torch and two other people follow them, one of which carries the bucket of water while the other takes the water from the bucket and throws it on whoever turns the fire to cool it. person. After the main torch is placed in the center, other small torches belonging to other mosques in other neighborhoods are carried by the participants to the main square. They, with long chains in their hands, light these torches with the fire of the main torch and begin to turn over the heads of the other participants.

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