The dammamzani rite

The dammamzani rite at Bushehr is an ancient rite in which tools like the dammam , the senj, the ashkun, the ghember and the bugh, along with the formation of chest-beating groups and theatrical performances known as tazi'eh. The number of dammâm players “those who play the ashkun” usually equals seven and the rhythm of one of them goes against the others. Along with the dammâm, the senj is also played. In the past, the rite of senj and dammâm was performed to gather mourning participants and breast-beating groups after reciting prayers and lamenting, but before beating the chest. Each neighborhood had a number of dammâms which it used in mourning ceremonies. The dammâm is a percussion instrument that is played with a stick made of branches of the date tree with the right hand, and with the other hand (without a stick).

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