The chagh chaghu ritual

The chagh chaghu rite is one of the famous and ancient rites in the city of Sâmân in the region of Chahârmahâl and Bakhtiâri for mourning ceremonies in the month of Moharram. In this ritual, which is more than two centuries old, people go to the tekyehs, mosques and Hossenyehs from 21 pm on the night of the Ashurâ and from 2 am, with the sound of the flute, cymbal, drum, reciting particular verses and queuing up beating the stick or the stone, he goes through the streets. This ceremony continues until the call to prayer in the morning. One of the meanings of this custom recalls the night of Imam Hossein's ashura (A), who said to his companions: "Whoever does not want to stay, exploits the darkness of the night to go away." Then he asked his sons to beat two pieces of stone together so that the sound of the hooves of the horses of those who left Karbala would not put them ashamed ”. Of course, other stories have also been told in this regard. The châgh châghu rite in this city is so well known that from the regions of Ahvâz Esfahan, Tehrân and the cities of the Chahârmahâl region and Bakhtiâri at 2 am all come to assist you.

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