The "Shâkhsi" rite (Shâh Hossein) "Vâkhsi" (Vây Hossein)

"Shâkhsi" "Vâkhsi" is a type of religious ceremony that takes place in the days of the month of Moharram in most areas of theazerbaijan and extends to the city of Tabriz. This rite lasts from a few days before the month of Moharram until the tenth day of this month and at twelve o'clock on the day of Âshurâ. In the Turkish dialect ofazerbaijan, people call this rite “skhâkhsi” which is short for the word “Shâh Hossein”. In the "shâkhsi" rite, the participants move a particular type of stick used for this mourning ceremony (where previously a dagger or sword was used) from the ground to the tip of the hair and when the stick approaches the ground, all together with loudly they say "shâkhsi" (Shâh Hossein), while when the stick approaches their head all together again they say "vâkhsi" (Vây Hossein). Thus the participants during the lament, put their hand on the back of the other and with this movement, they demonstrate their union and brotherhood.

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