Rite ahu ahu

The rite ahu ahu

The traditional "ahu ahu" ritual takes place in the village of "Khurhe" in the Markazi region during the night in the middle of the month of Ramadan, coinciding with the birth anniversary of Imam Hassan Mojtaba (A).
In this rite the children and adolescents of the village in groups of some people go to the houses of the inhabitants and sing a folk song. They turn to the youngest son of the family, one of the young men sings a song in his name and the rest of the group repeats the ahu ahu part. At the end of the song the owner of the house or usually the youngest child of the family brings to the group some nuts, sweets, money and sweets.
If the owner brings the dried fruit late, the aforementioned song is sung by the group leader in the same previous mode. On this night all the families are waiting for the various groups to come knocking on their doors.
The meaning of this rite is actually a kind of felicitation and wish for the birth of Imam Hassan Mojtaba (A).

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