Pir Shaliar Rite

The Pir Shaliar rite

One of the special rituals in the area of ​​Hurāmān in Kurdistān is the Pir Shaliar rite, a ceremony that the locals call Pir Shāliār's wedding, a few thousand-year custom that takes place twice a year, once the 15 of the month of Bahman (marriage of Pir Shaliar) and the other the 15 of the month of Ordibehesht (Kumsai).
The ritual of the marriage of Pir Shāliār that begins on Wednesday and lasts for three days, takes place with customs such as sacrificing a cow or a sheep, cooking soup and meat, playing the daf, performing the dance of the dervishes, distributing food in charity, pray and practice the zekr and stay up all night.
The Kumsai ritual which is also called the ritual of splitting the sacred stone takes place on the last Friday before the middle of the month of Ordibehesht from early morning at the tomb of Pir Shāliār to Hurāmān and is accompanied by the recitation of the fatiha, by the sound of the daf and from the course of the talilehkhāni ceremony.
At the end of each ritual a stone is broken which according to popular belief will be formed again until the following year. The house of Pir Shāliār in the area of ​​Urāmān Takht in the province of Sarv Ābad, has been included in the list of national works of Iran as well as the marriage ceremony of Pir Shāliār in the list of national intangible assets.
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