Mother's Day (woman) and father's (man)

The feast of the mother (woman) and the father (man)

Like all over the world, in Iran the day dedicated to the mother and father, in memory and in honor of each of them, is celebrated by the children who visit their parents bringing them sweets and presents. In Iran, the Mother's Day (Women's Day) does not have a specific date on the calendar of the solar Hirah but officially in Iranian culture the feast of mother and woman is celebrated on the twentieth of the Arab month of Jamadi al-Thani 1, in concomitance with the birth of Fatemeh Zahrâ (that Peace be upon her), daughter of the Prophet of Islam. On this day all the state and private offices making party and giving gifts to women, express their gratitude. In the same way the father's party does not have a specific date in the calendar of the solar Egira, but officially in the Iranian culture the 13th of the month of Rajab is celebrated in conjunction with the birth of the Imam Ali (that Peace be upon Him) , the first Imam of the Shiites.

1- Sixth month of the Islamic lunar calendar.

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