Yalda night

The night of Yalda

This night will be the longest night of the year.
It is the moment when the "new sun" is born, which will shine with increasing intensity, shortening the hours of darkness, promising a flourishing spring that is celebrated in Iran with the festival of Shab-e Yalda.
Every Persian of any religion or ethnicity feast on the night of December 21 both in Iran and in every other country.
"In ancient times, winter was considered a symbol of adversity: spending the darkest night of the year together was a way to face the difficulties of life together, waiting for the dawn to defeat the darkness".
At night of Yalda, now you don't stay awake for fear of evil, but we take this opportunity to be together and create good moments.
The Cultural Institute of Iran in Rome wishes all Iranians "Good Yalda"

Yalda In Treccani


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