The 63 year party

Among the Turkmen people in the Golestan region there is the custom that every man or woman who performs 63 years organizes a party in honor of the commemoration of the 63 years of life of the Prophet Mohammad (S). This is called in Turkmenic language "Āq Quvin" (white lamb) or "Āq Ash" (white soup). The reason for the attribution of this name is that in the past a white lamb was slaughtered, offered to charity and white foods were cooked.
Depending on the financial situation of the person who organizes the party, the reception can be more or less varied. In any case, it is necessary to at least offer the guests some food such as āb gusht and if the organizer of the party has economic means he should slaughter one or two lambs and a white sheep or a goat and share it with the family.
Sometimes it is possible to organize the guresh (traditional fight ritual) and also a horse race. The inhabitants of remote villages also participate in the rite of struggle. To the winners of these races by the organizer of the party or by his close relatives, is given as a cash prize or a cloth and a shirt.
In this custom a person of 63 years invites the elderly, the mullahs, the seminarians, the near and far family, the neighbors and the inhabitants of the place. After the party at the local mullah, the "don," is worn, a shirt with a long skirt that reaches right below the knees and is a symbol of the Saint Prophet's dress (S). If the person is a woman a white veil is placed on his head.
This custom has been included in the list of Iranian national and intangible works.

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