Rite of donating food to charity

The ritual of donating food to charity

The custom of making a vow is one of the religious rites alluded to in all religions and known to all peoples of the world. In Iranian society, people make several vows to get what they aspire to. The custom of making vows is an ancient and appreciated tradition among Muslims, particularly among Shiites around the world. It exists among Muslims on different days, the month of Moharram being among the days when many vows are made. This custom mostly has its peak in the night and day of Tâsu'â and Âshura. The foods that are offered to charity are: halim 1, soups, shole zard 2, halvâ3, khoresht gheyme 4, etc. and those who offer and consume them are people belonging to all social classes, both rich and poor. The rite and types of voting vary from region to region.

1- A sort of porridge made from wheat and meat consumed in general for breakfast.
2 - A sort of saffron rice pudding and rose water decorated with cinnamon and chopped pistachios and almonds served as a dessert.
3- Dense sweet dough prepared with flour, butter, sugar and rose water.
4- Stewed lamb and yellow lentils.

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