Rito Helu Helu

Helu helu that is abbreviated to say "helu" is a song that is usually sung by the group baluchi with a harmonious and beautiful rhythm during a wedding and sometimes any joyful event.
Helu helu takes place during the marriage ceremony when the bride is dressed in the wedding dress and her legs and arms are decorated with the henna or when the groom goes to the hammam and is made to wear the dress new.
The song recalls the virtues and the remarkable skills of the groom or bride and on this exciting occasion is sung to demonstrate the joy of the participants and their enjoyment of the ceremony.
Helu helu is accompanied by instruments such as: rabāb, ghaychak, dayereh, nagadeh, tambureh and in the absence of tools, it takes place in groups and women play a more active role. During the ritual, a singed singer sings a verse with a nice rhythm and those present repeat a part as a refrain.

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