Ghel mâli or khare mâli (The custom of sprinkling oneself with mud)

The custom of sprinkling themselves with mud is a tradition that the Lor ethnic group observes in various funeral laments including on the occasion of the death of family members or in religious funeral ceremonies. This custom takes place on the day of Âshurâ in the month of Moharram in the regions of western Iran in the area of ​​the Zagros mountains, in particular in the regions of Lorestân, Kermânshâh and Ilâm. This ritual on the day of Âshurâ is also observed in some parts of the regions of Khuzestân, Markazi and Hamedân. This custom requires that everyone sprinkle their whole body with mud, even the head, face, beard and neck and recite funeral laments.

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