The chayyeneh ritual of women

In the days of the Moharram among the people of the Ilâm region, women organize a special ceremony called "chayyeneh". Among these chayyenehs, we can mention that of Ghâsem (A) on the seventh day of Moharram, to that of Abbâs (that Peace be upon Him) on the eighth day, to that of Imam Hossein on the tenth day and to that of day of Arba'een. For example in châyyeneh Ghâsem, they wear a wedding dress (green dress and white scarf) to a young and unmarried girl (to symbolize the bride of Ghâsem), give her two lighted candles and put a tray with noghl and nabât, henna, incense and candles in the center of the square. The participants in the ritual with colorful ceremonial dresses with a well-groomed appearance enter the square and the woman who can be called a mullah in the feminine, begins a funeral eulogy. Then a woman, during the course of the marriage ceremony, brings a blood-soaked shroud to the center of the square (to witness the arrival of the news of the martyrdom of Ghâsem on the day of the wedding ceremony); after these events, the participants in the ritual abandon the festive attitude and, lost, putting out the candles they put a black châdor on the head of the bride (to witness her mourning) and after the extinction of the candles the recitation of moans by the mullah begins female. At the beginning of the ritual, the participants sit on their knees and then stand in a circle and with their palms they press their foreheads and complain.

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