Sizdah Bedar

Sizdah Bedar

the custom of Sizdah bedar, that is, to organize family outings in the green, in a carefree and joyful atmosphere, between songs and dances to exorcise the forces of evil.

In Iran, the 13 ° day after the Persian New Year, the Nowruz, is celebrated the Sizdah Bedar. Every year, on the day that falls the 1 ° April (leap years slip to 2), the Iranians use this day to be outdoors and finally to conclude the New Year holidays.
It is a rooted custom that brings people back to nature in the 13 day of spring.

On this day they also prepare vegetable dishes, and a traditional soup called Ash-e reshteh.

The sprouts used for the Haft-Sin Sabzeh are thrown into the water of a river, symbolizing the will to get rid of all the negativity they have accumulated in the first 12 days of the year.

Before throwing the sprouts into the river, the unmarried girls intertwine their leaves, expressing their desire to find a husband before the next Sizdah bedar. When the knot will melt, their wish will be granted.

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