Sadaf duzi

Sadaf duzi (The embroidery of the shells)

The creation, through the Sadaf duzi, of bracelets, necklaces, sculptures and murals, in the area of ​​the Province of Hormozgān (located near the Persian Gulf), is typical and is part of the local tradition. Sadaf duzi is a manual art Iranian decorative and, as the name suggests, is achieved by fixing shells (small and large) on clothes, belts and amulets against the evil eye. The artists, first of all, choose the various types of shell and then classify these based on their size. In the next phase, using a small drill, they create a hole in which they will then pass yarn. In the third phase, the artists embroider the shells on the fabric. This type of embroidery is peculiar to the cities of southern Iran. However, with the evolution of the customs, it is possible to recognize this art also in the life of the big cities.
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