Religion, freedom and democracy
Religion, freedom and democracy
Original title: دین آزادی دمکراسی
Author: Mohammad Khatami
Preface: Luciano Violante
Original language: Persian
Translator: Mohsen Abolhassani - Maria Fazia Mascheroni
Publisher: Editori Gius. Laterza and Sons
Year of publication: 1999
Number of pages: 208
ISBN: 8842057711

“Khatami was elected president of the Islamic Republic of Iran on May 23, 1997 with about 70% of the vote. In Western terms, and with some coarseness, it could be said that he proposed democratization and social equity during his electoral campaign ”(from the preface by Luciano Violante). The book, which contains various essays on topics of great interest such as religion, freedom and democracy, intends to shed light on the complexity of the transition underway in Iran at a time when it has become necessary. A rational analysis of Western culture has - according to Khatami - become necessary, even if it is necessary to distinguish policies from values: the former must be fought while the latter can be confronted.

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