Letter to Malik al-Ashtar
Letter to Malik al-Ashtar - The government from the Islamic point of view
Original title:
Author: Ibn Abi Talib Ali
Original language:
Publisher: Irfan Edizioni
Year of publication: 2012
Number of pages: 56
ISBN: 978-88-97278-11-5
The theme of justice has always been a fundamental aspect of Islam.
This precious historical document, which deals with the rights and duties of the ruler, gods
various state officials and the most important social classes, can be called a
concentrate of the principles of administration and justice dictated by Islam. An idea
the principal is at the base of the whole Letter: the government belongs to God, the ruler and the
ruled are both creatures of God and their respective rights and duties are established by
God. In short, this letter is a code to implement the divine law and establish a
government in which justice and mercy are given to human beings without prejudice to
class, religion or skin color, and in which there is no room for nepotism, favoritism,
Provincialisms or religious sectarianism.

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