An unknown gnostic of the twentieth century
An unknown Gnostic of the 20th century - Formation and works of Imam Khomeyni
Original title:
Author: Yahya C. Bonaud
Original language:
Translator: E. Tabano
Publisher: Il Cerchio
Year of publication: 2010
Number of pages: 188
ISBN: 8884742366

The text we present here is the Italian translation of the first part of the French original and deals with the formation of Imam Khomeini at hawza, the traditional school of religious studies of Qom, and his works, specifically those of a metaphysical and spiritual nature. It can therefore serve as a necessary and even a vehicle in itself to approach the understanding of the most intimate substance of thought that has animated the action of the Imam throughout the course of his life, or the search for the spiritual End of the man who it is the Knowledge of God, which is comprehensively highlighted in the second part of the original text. The latter is in fact a sort of thematic anthology of texts of the Imam, from which transpires his vision of the world permeated by Gnostic knowledge, whose traditional contributions bring together the work of Ibn 'Arabî, that of Mollâ Sadrâ and the corpus of Prophetic Sayings reported and transmitted by the infallible Imams, in a set in which the inner vein proper to Imam Khomeini is to extract the lymph of a living and profound teaching revised in the light of his intellect and his heart. The second part of the French original will, if God wishes, be translated later for the benefit of those who, ...

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