Omar Khayam national day

In Iran; Omar Khayam National Day is celebrated.

Iran - May 18, day dedicated to the poet Omar Khayyam, The great Iranian poet, mathematician and philosopher, was born in Neishabur, northeastern Iran, and died there on December 4, 1131.

His poems, especially his quatrains, have been translated into several languages. His world fame was born above all thanks to his quatrains.

Furthermore, the solution he found for the cubic equation problem is still in use.

His life was strongly influenced by the political events of the period in which he lived. The period of instability in which he lived was adjacent to the invasion of Syria, Mesopotamia and Persia by the Seljuk Turks. Despite the difficulties and instability of the period, I managed to write several books on arithmetic, algebra and music.

Umar Khayyām (1048-1131)

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