National Attar Day. The great Persian mystical poet

April 14th. The national day of the Persian poet Attar.

Farid Addin Abu Hamed Mohammad 'Attar Neishapuri is one of the great Persian poets and mystics of the XNUMXth century. A preparer of medical remedies, medicinal herbs and perfumes (hence the title of 'Attār “perfumer”, in fact at the time a figure almost equivalent to that of the doctor) received an excellent education in various sciences.
At a mature age, he decided to abandon his activity, traveled a great deal and devoted himself to mysticism until his death.
His works were an inspiration not only for Jalal al-Din Rumi who mentions the name of 'Attar numerous times in his works expressing the highest esteem for him, but also for many other later mystical poets.
Rumi expressed his praises with the following words:

"Attar wandering through the seven cities of love - We are still on the same path."

His most important works are:
Ilahi-Name (The Heavenly Poem), Manteq al-tayr (The Word of the Birds), 'Asrar-Name (The Book of Secrets), Mosibat-Name (The Book of Adversity), Tadhkirat al Awliya (Biographies of Allah's Intimates ), a large Canzoniere (Divan) made up of lyrics of various kinds, and the Mokhtar-Name, a large collection of quatrains.


Attar Neishaburi (1145-1221)


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