Islam and freedom
Islam and freedom
Original title: اسلام و آزادی. حقیقت پنهان و توضیحات لازم
Author: Muhammad T. Mesbah Yazdi
Preface: Alireza Esmaeili
Original language: Persian
Publisher: Irfan Edizioni
Year of publication: 2008
Number of pages: 96
ISBN: 8890296658

The theme of freedom is one of the most controversial and debated, and in recent times it has played a key role in the confrontation between the West and Islam. While in the modern world freedom seems to be understood and conceived only in "negative" terms, a freedom from something that tends to consider free what is arbitrary in an individualistic sense, and having as presupposition the existence of coercion or limitations, in Islam it presents a "positive" connotation, a freedom for something that has deep roots and is essentially aimed at self-formation and transcendence.
After having established that the law has the right and the duty to limit the freedoms that can harm others, this question emerges: the legislator must limit freedom only when there is material damage, or in the law-making process must be taken into consideration also of religious, spiritual and otherworldly interests? the point of discussion is precisely this. (Ayatullah Mesbah Yazdi)
Ayatullah Muhammad Taqi Mesbah Yazdi (1934-viv.), Philosopher, theologian and jurist, is considered one of the most authoritative and influential Muslim living personalities. Deep expert of the thought of Avicenna and Molla Sadra, he was also interested in socio-political issues, actively participating in the Iranian Islamic Revolution which led to the establishment, after many centuries, of an Islamic government in the form of the Islamic Republic of Iran. He currently directs the Imam Khoemini Training and Research Institute in the city of Qom, and is the author of numerous philosophical, theological and political works.

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