The Ka'Bah
The Ka'bah - Temple at the Center of the World
Original title:
Author: Al-Azraqī
Preface: Angelo Scarabe
Original language:
Translator: Roberto Tottoli
Publisher: Irfan Edizioni
Year of publication: 2015
Number of pages: 98
ISBN: 9788897278030

The Kabah was foam on the water, before Almighty God created the heavens and the earth, for a period of forty years. From it the Earth was born ». Thus begins the book of Azraqī, which traces the sacred history of the Meccano Temple, the Ka'bah, from its celestial origin, to the descent on earth in the time of Adam and Ishmael to finish, therefore, with the epoch that concerns the advent of the Prophet of Islam. Every day millions of Muslims turn to this "Center of the world", home of the divine Presence, to carry out their daily devotions, every day the pilgrims who come to visit her and once a year, in the month called the Pilgrimage, flock to her , faithful from all over the world gather around the "House of God" to witness to the One their "submission" (Islām).
Abū al-Walīd al-Azraqī (d. 250 dH / 865 AD) was an Arab-Muslim historian and commentator, compiler of the oldest collection of "Mecca traditions" (Akhbār Makkah)

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