The Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Approved in the 1980 - Revised in the 1989

PART FOURTEENTH - Revision of the Constitution

Article 177

The revision of the Constitution in the Islamic Republic of Iran, in the cases necessary, takes place as follows:
The Supreme Guide, after consulting the Council for the Discernment of the Higher Interest of the State, in an ordinance directed to the President of the Republic, proposes the modifications or integrations of the Constitution to the Council for the Revision of the Constitution.The Council for the Revision of the Constitution consists of:
1- Members of the Guardian Council2- The Heads of the Three State Powers3- Permanent Council Members for the Discernment of the Higher Interest of the State4- Five Members of the Council of Experts5- Ten People Selected by the Guide6- Three Ministers from the Council of Ministri7 - Three representatives of the judicial power8 - Ten Representatives of the Islamic Assembly9 - Three university representatives
The manner of fulfilling their duties, the choice of the Members of the Council and the related conditions are determined by law. The Council approvals, after confirmation and signature of the Supreme Leader, must be approved by the absolute majority through a referendum. the revision of the Constitution is not necessary the norms contained in the Art. 59.
Articles concerning the Islamic status of the State, the disposition of laws based on Islamic teachings and norms, the aims of the Islamic Republic, the republican idea of ​​the state, the fundamental role of Wilayat-il-Amr and the Imamate 'Ummah and administering the country based on the people's vote, on the faith and the official religion of Iran.

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