The Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Approved in 1980 - Revised in 1989

PART TEN - Foreign policy

Article 152

The foreign policy of the Islamic Republic is based on the rejection of all forms of domination or oppression, on the protection of the complete independence and territorial integrity of the country in defense of the rights of all Muslims, on the non-alignment towards the hegemonic powers and on the establishment of mutually friendly relations with non-aggressive states.

Article 153

It is forbidden to stipulate any agreement that implies a foreign hegemony on the natural, economic, cultural and military resources of the country and on any other prerogative of it.

Article 154

The Islamic Republic of Iran aspires to the happiness of human beings in all societies and recognizes the independence, freedom and governance of justice as universal rights which all peoples of the world must enjoy. As a result, while refraining from interfering in the internal affairs of other nations, the Islamic Republic will support throughout the world every legitimate struggle of exploited peoples against their oppressors.

Article 155

The Islamic Republic of Iran can grant asylum to individuals seeking refuge in Iran, with the exclusion of those who, in accordance with the laws of Iran, were recognized traitors and criminals.

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