Iran. City caravanserai itineraries
Iran. City caravanserai itineraries
Original title: ایران شهرها مسیرها کاروانسراها
Author: Alessandra De Cesaris, Laura Valeria Ferretti, Hassan Osanloo
Original language:
Year of publication: 2014
Number of pages: 264
ISBN: 9788878641082

Through a series of texts, photographs, drawings, sketches and notes, the book restores the complexity of the places, the variety of types, the richness of the architecture and the refinement of the bioclimatic strategies implemented by man in the Iranian plateau. The writings and the material carefully collected and systematized are at the same time a useful tool for knowledge and interpretation of the architectures of Iran, a story of the cities and landscapes and start a reflection on how this immense heritage can be maintained without losing its vitality and may be the reference for Iran's new architecture.

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