Iran art and culture
Iran art and culture - The civilization of Iran through ceramics, calligraphies, miniatures and images of the present and the past
Original title: کاتولوگ نمایشگاه ایران هنر و فرهنگ
Original language:
Year of publication: 2015
Number of pages: 196
ISBN: 88-99231-03-6

The ancient history of Persian culture and civilization is now known to all, and its sublime art, with its symbols and its spiritual contents, is the bearer of a message full of divine feelings. It bears witness to the cultural beauty of the Iranian people and highlights, from different perspectives, the richness and depth of these feelings with various forms and facets. The richness, beauty and variety of the forms of Iranian culture testify to its eternity thanks to the spirituality that has always accompanied it. The footprints of this diversity and wealth are present in all aspects of Iranian culture and civilization, and later extended to relations between the government and the people, and between these and other peoples and governments: a good example is the historical relations between Iran and Italy, which have always had a cultural basis. Over time, cultural and artistic exchanges have strengthened these relationships and extended them to other areas. The roots of these relationships are strong enough not to be influenced by political tensions both at regional and international level

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