Iran and Italy: 60 years of collaboration on Cultural Heritage

Iran and Italy: 60 years of collaboration on Cultural Heritage

Archeology and scientific research as a bridge between the Italian and Persian civilizations: he tells an exhibition accompanied by a conference in the conference room of the National Museum of Iran on the occasion of the 60 years of Italian archaeological activity in Iran.

The great Italian missions he had began with the founder of Eni Enrico Mattei and the great orientalist Giuseppe Tucci "They made in the late fifties of the last century in Iran now entered the phase of the modernization of the oil industry". "The Iranian gratitude to the egalitarian opening that first in the world, Enrico Mattei proposed in the division of the proceeds of oil produced the conditions for an intensified Italian cultural presence in that country".

The excavations of Italian archaeologists in Iran started from the '58-59 in Sistan. Then followed a fruitful season of study and restoration in Persepolis, Pasargadae, Esfahan. "The Italian idea of ​​using Iranian technical skills, Iranian materials, the suggestions of ancient Iranian authors on their own monuments, produced such a tenacious experience of confrontation between the two great artistic traditions to leave material traces over time. Italian-Iranian schools of technology that still repeat and perfect the lessons of those masters ”. There is a documentary mass yet to be explored, handed down until today, which "is a common heritage of Iran, Italy and the world.

Opening: National Museum of Iran, Tehran - Iran
Sunday 17 November at 09.00

A - Archeology of the Bronze age:
10: 30 - 11: 00 - Prof. Massimo Vidale and Prof. Hassan Fazeli
11: 00 - 11: 30 - Dr Enrico Ascalone and Dr Seyyed Mansur Sajjadi
B - Archeology of the Iron age:
11: 30 - 12: 00 - Dr Raffaele Biscione and Dr Ali Vahdati
C - Archeology of the Achaemenian period:
12: 00 - 12: 30 - Prof. Alireza Askari Chaverdi and Prof. Pierfrancesco Callieri
12: 30 - 13: 00 - Discussion
D - Archeology of the Parthian period:
15: 00 - 15: 30 - Dr Jafar Mehrkian and Prof. Vito Messina
E - Archeology of the Sasanian and Islamic periods:
15: 30 - 16: 00 - Prof. Bruno Genito and Dr Fariba Saidi
F - Bioarchaeology
16: 00 - 16: 30 - Dr Lorenzo Costantini and Dr Mansur Sajjadi
F - Conservation:
16: 30 - 17: 00 - Dr Hamid Fadaei and Dr Claudio Prosperi-Porta
17: 00 - 17: 30 - Discussion
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