Peace instruments
Iranian musical instruments
Original title: آلات موسیقی صلح: آلات موسیقی ایرانی
Author: Antonio Bianchin
Preface: R. Toscano, Majid Sarsanghi, Alireza Esmaeili, Antonio Latanza
Original language: Italian
Publisher: Palombi Editori
Year of publication: 2008
Number of pages: 108
ISBN: 978-88-6060-134-6

The book offers Iranian culture enthusiasts a collection of musical instruments, illustrating a collection of unique pieces, reflecting the particular and always keen interest of the peoples of Iran for music. This art has very deep roots in the country, has a long history: the numerous rock inscriptions and representations that antiquity left us, depicting the classic image of Iranian figurative art, that of the musician, man or woman, testify to this. indifferently, magnificently dressed in silk and brocades, crouched in a flower garden or on a splendid carpet, holding a musical instrument. Iran, located exactly in the geographical point of union between Europe, Africa and Asia, has a vast territory occupied by numerous communities with their own cultural identity; after the adhesion of the Iranians to Islam, Islamic culture and music in particular, have played a decisive, social and artistic role at the same time, contributing to the spiritual unity of those different ethnic groups

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