Homay and Homayun
Homay and Homayun, A novel of love and adventure in medieval Persia
Original title: همای همایون
Author: Khwaju Kermani
Preface: Johann Christoph Bürgel
Original language: Persian
Translator: Nahid Norozi
Publisher: Mimesis
Year of publication: 2017
Number of pages: 398
ISBN: 8857537358ISBN-13

The Persian prince Homāy, seeing the portrait of Homāyun, daughter of the emperor of China, falls madly in love with him and embarks on a long and dangerous journey during which he will have to face brigands and cannibals, and free his beloved's cousin, a prisoner in a fortress enchanted. At a certain point he will have to abandon the throne offered to him by a people he met in Central Asia out of love, and finally arrived in China, trying through intriguing and numerous events to meet with his beloved. Even the beautiful Homāyun falls in love with him, but there will be obstacles of every kind that will delay the union of lovers, including deception, war, imprisonment and betrayal….

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