Hafez; Universal poet. National Hafez Day

On October 12th every year Iranians commemorate Hafez.

Great Persian poet known throughout the world as one of the main foundations of Persian culture.

Hafez of Shiraz who is also known by the title of "language of the Invisible" is considered the greatest Persian poet of all time, he inspired Goethe's Western-Eastern Divan.

The Cultural Institute of Iran in collaboration with DIRECT (the blog entirely dedicated to Iran, its history, its immense culture and its people) replicates the meeting that was broadcast two years ago on the occasion of the national day of Hafez dedicated to Hafez and his poetry, aesthetics and philosophy .


Universal Poet


The host of this meeting

Prof. Iman Mansub Basiri professor of Italian literature at the University of Tehran

Prof. Stefano Pellò professor of Persian literature at the University of Venice Cà Foscari,

Moderated by:

Dr. Antonello Sacchetti

Wednesday 11 October at 21.00 pm

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Hafez (1315-1390)

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