The incision

The incision 

This art consists in the decoration and engraving of drawings on metallic objects, in particular on copper, gold and brass, in other words it is a type of carving and creation of lines and drawings through a chisel and hammer blows. on some metal objects. 

Copper due to its softness and malleability, in the art of engraving is more used than other metals. In this ancient and durable manual industry the drawings are engraved on metallic objects. The work tools of the engraving artists consist of a series of special chisels and a hammer. Variety of engraving

  1. 2 relief machining. 3 semi-relief machining. Minimal engraving 4. Intaglio 5. Meshing

The art of engraving in Iran has a long history. Esfahān has always been and still is one of the important centers of this art and at present most of the Esfahān handicraft laboratories are composed of copper and brass engraving laboratories and the number of people employed in this activity compared to the others is greater. Ancient engraved objects dating back to different periods are an ornamental part of museums and private collections.

Creation and engraving of silver

Predisposing and creating silver objects and engraving them was an art widespread since ancient times and currently in the cities of Shirāz, Esfahān, Tabriz, and Tehrān there are groups of artists involved in this field





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