Firouze Kubi

Firuzeh kubi (the turquoise joke) 

Firuzeh kubi is a work of craftsmanship and is carried out by affixing - as a mosaic - tiny fragments of turquoise stone on the surface of plates, jewels and decorative objects (copper, brass, silver, alpacca and bronze).

Among the aforementioned fragments there is a sort of black enamel. More elaborate and regular is an object subjected to this process and the smaller the distance between the turquoise fragments, the more the artistic value of this object increases. Nowadays, the center of this art is Esfahān. In Mashhad, initially, it was used on jewelery such as necklaces, earrings and bracelets. In Tehrān, instead, the Firuzeh kubi is a limited diffusion.
The art of Firuzeh kubi, like most other artistic expressions, has a decorative and luxurious nature. However, items such as dessert trays, sugar bowls, jugs, etc. they also possess a functional nature.






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