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Ponte 33 Publishing House presents, Dad's Lessons.

In this collection of stories Mohammad Tolouei published by Ponte 33 Publishing House, composes a small saga around the figure of his father, Ziya, unlikely householder who leaves for the front after a marital quarrel, hides a guerrilla past, dreams of dragging the family into Europe and tries to take advantage of the climate of uncertainty following the revolution of the '79 to make the social leap. A character animated by a daring idealism and a somewhat naive opportunism that Mohammad's mother, a woman with a reserved and severe character, counterbalances with entrances on the scene as well dosed as resolutive.
"Why do fathers ever think that the memory of their children is just odd, like the branches of a Lucky Bamboo? Why do they believe that their children should remember only the positive side? "Asks the author who, now thirty and intent on building a career in the capital, tries to keep the ranks of a relationship not exactly idyllic but silently permeated by an affection uncontainable.
It will perhaps be a journey to offer the two the opportunity to reconcile and accept each other how are they??

The deeds of a father told by his son reveal the unexpected and adventurous world of an ordinary provincial citizen and return a lively slice of family life in Iran from the 1980s to the present.

Mohammad Tolouei was born in Rasht in the 1979 and lives in Tehran. He studied film and literature at Sure University and has published several novels and short stories for adults and children.
In the 2011 he won the Golshiri prize and for ten years he was editor of Dastan, the fiction monthly of the Hamshahri newspaper.
In 2018 he founded Nadastan, the first Iranian magazine entirely dedicated to non-fiction.

Dad's lessons

November 2019
pp. 96
ISBN 978-88-96908-13-6

€ 11,00

Translation from the Persian by Giacomo Longhi
Cover illustration by Farshid Shafiey

dad's lessons

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