Editorial news: "Women's education in the time of the Qajar"

Female education in the time of the Qajar

Edizione Aracne presents "Female education in the time of the Qajar" by Maryam Maveddat.

Preface by Anna Vanzan

The volume is a revision of the doctoral thesis of the author Maryam Mavaddat and contains a catalog of important unpublished didactic and sometimes satirical manuscripts. Some Persian documents, dating back to the Qâjâr era (1779–1925), are analyzed, with the aim of highlighting the evolution of female education influenced by Iran's relations with Europe. In this historical period, there is a need to develop new educational methods aimed at creating a new society and there is a perceived need for a welding between traditional values ​​and new impulses, especially scientific, coming from Europe.

Maryam Mavaddat, Iranian and resident in Italy, independent researcher and contemporary history expert at the University of Gabriele d'annunzio in Chieti – Pescara.

After the three-year degree in languages ​​at the Gabriele d'annunzio University of Chieti – Pescara and

the master's degree in translation at the University of Rome has obtained the title of research doctor in Iranian studies at the University of Naples "L'orientale".

He mainly deals with unpublished manuscripts from the XNUMXth-XNUMXth centuries relating to Iranian women's society.

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