Editorial news "Journey in Direction 270 °"

The presentation of Dehghan's book, "Journey in Direction 270 °"

Iran's Cultural Institute in Rome in collaboration with the Italian Institute for the Middle and Far East (ISMEO) organizes the meeting for the presentation of the book of Ahmad Dehghan entitled "Journey to 270 direction"Which will be held on November 20 at 17: 00 at the Spinelli room located in the ISMEO headquarters in Rome in Palazzo Baleani (Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 244).

Speakers include:

Akbar Gholi, director of the Cultural Institute of Iran in Rome

Michele Marelli

Franco Recanatesi

Leila Karami


Antonello Sacchetti

With the presence of the author, Ahmad Dehghan

Iran. In a cold winter at the turn of the 1986 and the 1987 - the seventh of a grueling and bloody conflict with neighboring Iraq, ruled by Saddām Husseyn - the adolescent Nāser leads a peaceful existence, divided between study and family. Yet despite his tender age, Nāser is a veteran expert. Only a few months have passed since, when he was wounded at the front, Nāser turned his back on the conflict. One day, however, the young man receives a telegram sent to him by the old comrades. Something big, on the front line, seems to be imminent. Tormented by the memory of the last operation and eager to see his former companions, Nāser once again leaves the books and family to go to the front.

The first-hand experience of the biggest conflict in the Middle East, the 1980-1988 war between Iran and Iraq: "about 680.000 between dead and missing, 1.820.000 between injured and disabled, 115.000 prisoners of war, and a total cost of about 1.100 billions of dollars "; a wound not forgotten among the Iranian people.

Ahmad Dehqān was born in Karaj in the 1966. In the early years of the 80, following the Iraqi invasion and the outbreak of the Iran-Iraq War (1980-1988), he participated as a volunteer in numerous operations at the front. At the end of the conflict, he graduated in Anthropology. In 1996 his first novel is published in Iran, Journey in the direction of 270 °, which will immediately establish itself as one of the most important works of the Iranian literary scene.

Wednesday November 20 2019

Hours: 17,00

Sala Spinelli

Baleani Palace

Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 244 Rome

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